Collaborative Research:CRI:CRD: Data and Analysis Archive for Research on Free and Open Source Software and Its Development


This project will develop a CISE research community resource in the form of a broadlyshared data and analysis archive to further research on Free/Libre Open Source Software (FLOSS) and its development. The goal of the infrastructure is to improve the reproducibility and consistency of this research and to expand access to the data and thus the community, with a secondary goal of providing an educational opportunity for undergraduate computer science students. Specifically, we propose a distributed, collaborative community resource called FLOSSmole, to collect, organize and share comparable data and analyses of FLOSS development. FLOSSmole is designed to be a piece of research infrastructure: it is a framework for organizing and a system for facilitating access to the massive amounts of data collected by many simultaneous and currently unconnected FLOSS research efforts.

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